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  Las Vegas Marauders Baseball Club Home

LV Marauders Enter LVAB!

This team is being built with a particular purpose in mind: to become the most professional franchise in the LVAB. To do that, it is critical that each player be committed, be timely, be professional and most importantly be willing to work hard and bring honor to your craft. We are not pro players…if we were, we wouldn’t be here…but we are professionals. Each one of us has made decisions in our lives that impact another. The decision here is simple: If you play for the Marauders, you must be dedicated to this team. Many players find themselves on teams that routinely shuffle players, have a roster of over 30 to just field nine and risk forfeiting multiple times per season. I know it is a long season of more than 30 weeks.   But, you know that going in and while the odd occurrence cannot be helped, a culture of lax behavior simply cannot be allowed on this team. If you cannot give a full and truthful commitment, please find another team where that may be okay. This league will know that every game where the Marauders are scheduled is a game where the opponent better come ready to play. This is not a one-season mentality but rather one that is designed for a franchise. If you’re in agreement to this, I welcome you to the team.

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