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  American Mortgage Express Schedule / Results

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Game Date Game Time Location Opponent
09-14-2002 1:00pm Hoover HS Panteras
09-21-2002 1:00pm Monte Vista HS Rancho San Diego Padres
09-28-2002 1:00pm Monte Vista HS Snake Eyes
10-05-2002 9:00am Barona Athletics
10-12-2002 1:00pm Mount Miguel HS Bombers
10-19-2002 9:00am Crawford HS Orioles
10-26-2002 1:00pm Castle Park HS BMF
11-09-2002 9:00am Barona Stars and Stripes White
11-16-2002 1:00pm Mar Vista HS Astros
11-23-2002 1:00pm Mount Miguel HS Pirates
12-07-2002 9:00am Barona Field Stars and Stripes White is a wholly owned subsidiary of
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