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  Carolina Bonecrushers Tournaments

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Tournament Name Type Date Time Location
Mighty Casey NIT USSSA 04-24-2010 TBA Rock Hill, SC
Worth Homerun Challenge USSSA 05-08-2010 TBA Rock Hill, SC
Field of Dreams Classic USSSA 05-23-2010 TBA Rock Hill, SC
Carolinas Super State USSSA 06-26-2010 TBA Rock Hill, SC
Summer Sizzler USSSA 07-17-2010 TBA Rock Hill, SC
Battle of the Carolina NIT USSSA 08-28-2010 TBA Rock Hill, SC
Labor Day Clash USSSA 09-04-2010 TBA Rock Hill, SC
Battle of Rock Hill NIT USSSA 09-18-2010 TBA Rock Hill, SC
Rock Hill Fall Showdown USSSA 10-16-2010 TBA Rock Hill, SC
Battle of the Bats USSSA 10-30-2010 TBA Rock Hill, SC
SC Winter State Championship USSSA 11-13-2010 TBA Lexington, SC
Clash of the Champions USSSA 12-04-2010 TBA Myrtle Beach, SC is a wholly owned subsidiary of
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