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  Naptown Rattlers 13

Tony Ferrell Helps Rattlers
January 12, 2005

Tony Ferrell, an all-american at Eastern Illinois in his playing days, made a special visit to the Naptown Rattlers practice. Tony, gave some pointers to the pitching staff from both a physical and mental aspect of the game. "No matter if things are going good or bad for your team, its critical to have good mound composure.", said Tony. He also advised many of the pitchers to work on their leg strength. "Those who have good leg muscles won't tire as easily as those who don't. So keep working on building your upper thigh muscles by doing squats. Look at Roger Clemens and Mark Prior, they have huge legs!"

Special thanks to Tony. Coach Pistol plans on bringing Dale "The Rock" Speckman in for some catching lessons. Stay tuned for that.

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