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  Tupelo Golden Wave Schedule / Results

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Game Date Game Time Location Opponent
02-16-2013 12 noon Nettleton HS Shannon and Nettleton
02-22-2013 6pm THS- Golden Wave Field Lafayette County
02-25-2013 5pm THS- Golden Wave Field Saltillo
02-26-2013 4:30pm Pontotoc HS Alcorn Central
02-28-2013 5:30pm Amory HS New Hope
03-01-2013 7:30pm Amory HS Oxford
03-02-2013 6pm Amory HS Itawamba AHS
03-08-2013 6pm THS- Golden Wave Field North Pontotoc
03-09-2013 1pm Tupelo- Golden Wave Field Amory
03-09-2013 6pm Saltillo City Park Saltillo
03-12-2013 6pm Oxford HS Olive Branch
03-13-2013 3pm Oxford HS Christian Brothers (TN)
03-16-2013 11am Tupelo- Golden Wave Field Oxford
03-16-2013 4:30pm Tupelo- Golden Wave Field Starkville
03-19-2013 6pm Tupelo- Golden Wave Field *South Panola
03-22-2013 6pm SPHS Field *at South Panola
03-23-2013 1pm THS-Golden Wave Field Itawamba AHS
03-26-2013 6pm GHS Field * at Grenada
03-28-2013 6pm Tupelo- Golden Wave Field *Grenada
03-30-2013 6pm Tupelo- Golden Wave Field Pontotoc
04-01-2013 6pm New Albany Sportsplex at New Albnay
04-02-2013 6pm CHS Field *at Columbus
04-05-2013 6pm THS- Golden Wave Field *Columbus
04-06-2013 1pm Fulton City Park at Itawamba AHS
04-09-2013 6pm THS- Golden Wave Field *South Panola
04-12-2013 6pm GHS Field *at Grenada
04-13-2013 1pm THS East Union
04-13-2013 4pm THS New Albnay
04-16-2013 6pm CHS Field *at Columbus is a wholly owned subsidiary of
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